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5 Great Antique Vintage Sofas For Unique Home

5 Great Antique Vintage Sofas For Unique Home - Fresh Home Design Ideas | Home Design

If you are an attic lover, you might have come across antique sofas. Incorporating antique sofas in your house gives your house an elegant look. If you have wanted to collect antique sofas here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Boudeuse

This is a small loveseat that contains two seats that share a common back. It was developed in the 19th century in France. When two people are sitting on it, they face opposite directions. The good side with it is that it employs coil-spring technology; therefore, it's very comfortable to sit on.

2. Tete' a Tete'

It was designed in Germany in the late 1800s. It's characterized by two chairs that have been joined together in a serpentine shape; therefore, two people sitting on it face opposite directions. Although, the people sitting on it face opposite directions, they are close enough and can easily see each other.

The sofa is usually associated with ornate Victorian furniture styles. To make it comfortable to sit on, the seats coil-springs.

3. Queen Anne sofa

It was designed in 18th century and named after Queen Anne Stuart, the daughter of King James 11. It's a dignified piece of furniture that is characterized by claw foot legs and a curved back that is button tufted at the back and on the seat. It's usually made of leather and comes in different colors.

4. Camel back

It was developed in the 18th century and it's characterized by an arched back that rises to a prominent point in the middle and then rises slightly at the end. It has scrolled arms and unique foot styles that vary depending on the period that sofa is made. Some of the common foot styles are cabriole and tapered legs.

If you are planning of adding this sofa to your collection you should consider taking a look at the English and American furniture stores.

5. Victorian sofa

The Victoria era was between 1857 and 1901. The sofa is made from carved mahogany or walnut and dark upholstery. It comes in many colors; however, the most common colors are red and blue. The back of the seat is tall and draped around the sides. The feet are made in a claw foot design.


These are some of the most common vintage style sofas that you can add into your collection. Although, you can find modern seats made in the vintage style, it's wise that you go for the original vintage sofas.

Vintage Sofas

Vintage Sofas

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